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Re: WBKA-AM and FM, Brockton, MA

At 01:28 PM 6/3/98 -0700, you wrote:

>You heard it right, WBKA operated on 1450 kC/s with a power of 250
>watts, day and night.

A not-really-very-surprising result of WBET's acquiring the facilities of
the former WBKA and moving to the frequency adjacent to WBKA's is that
WBET's old frequency, 990, moved (albeit some years later) to the more
populous Providence, and WBKA's old frequency moved (after some lapse of
time, I imagine) to West Warwick, which is part of the Providence market.
Conversely, when the Providence Journal-Bulletin acquired the then WEAN 790,
the newspaper surrendered the license of the AM it then owned, WPJB 1420
(the former WFCI Pawtucket). 1420 then migrated south to New Bedford, where
it became the home of WBSM, which, I believe, formerly resided on one of the
graveyard channels. Simultaneous with the grant of 1420 to WBSM, the FCC
also granted WBEC Pittsfield, also a resident of a graveyard channel, a move
to 1420. Both WBSM and WBEC operate with 1 kW at night. Neither station has
the nighttime facilities of the former WFCI/WPJB (AM), which ran 5 kW-U.

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