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Re: 6/1/98: Sacremento Bee article on Human Bar Codes

     First off, I agree that this article doesn't have anything to do with
radio. However, there was some major discussion about the topic of
transponders on this list just a month or two ago and I was deluged by email
saying that I was a nut for thinking that this stuff exists. 
     This article proves that I am not a nut and this technology does exist.
Whether it is used properly or improperly is another concern. That was the
purpose for my posting it. 
     As far as the copyright goes, If I had a website for it, I would have
just posted the site and people could go to it. Since it was emailed to me
without a website address, I was unable to do that and I felt the importance
of proving my point dislodged any concern over copyrights. While the article
was posted on the Bee's website, which is copywritten, the article was not
specifically copywritten which is often the case with web posted articles. 
     I would also contend that other listers post articles that are
copywritten and I don't see you castigate them. Why do I continually get your
threats while no one else does? You also use copywritten material in your
weekly updates in which you do not pay for. While you do mention where you got
the information, as did I, you don't pay to use it either, so what's the
     Lastly, it should be noted that I am not breaking the law. According to
Title 17 USC section 107, copywritten material can be distributed "without
profit or payment to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving
this information for nonprofit research and educational purposes only." Since
that was the intention of posting, to prove a point, i.e. educate and not for
malice of some lost revenue by the Bee, which to my knowledge is not sold in
Boston, and would not be purchasable, it was within the nature of the law. It
was my intention to upset or to "steal" from anyone and I think you both no
that. So lighten up already. 

    Maybe the rules of the list can be posted occasionally to remind those of
us who might offend by passing on knowledge that copywritten material of any
kind is not desired. I don't recall recieving any "rules of the list" when I
first subscribed, as well, I don't recall seeing rules posted anywhere on the
Boston Radio Archives site. If you chose to throw me off the list, it is your
list. Do so if you feel. But why I receive undue criticism for posting
copywritten material, while others do the same, and you do in your own weekly
update, your virtue does boggles the mind.