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Re: WNFT-1150 AM

> >And Dan Strasberg replied:
> <snip>
> >The signal on the North Shore is not great because the array was
designed to
> >protect CHSJ, St Johns NB, which was on 1150 for years. 

I thought it was mainly to protect CKOC(?) in Hamilton Ontario (50kw Day
& Night).

Although they've since moved from that frequency, haven't they?

> >I would expect WPZE
> >to put a better signal into Plymouth during the day because the WPZE
TX is
> >in Milton, which is much closer to Plymouth. WPZE is ND during the
day but
> >directionalized to the north at night, so at night I would expect
> >have the better signal on the South Shore. 

It appears their strength at night has always been 'the cape'.

When Greater Media owned 1150, there were plans drawn up to bring it up
to 50KW.

I don't know how the pattern woulda changed.  Maybe just making them
stronger downtown....but only adding additional coverage over the water.
...i.e.. not adding any significvant coverage.  

Again, didn't the Hamilton Station move from that frequency?  I would
think that would open them up to the North a bit...and make a world of