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Re: WNFT-1150 AM

At 02:16 PM 5/22/98 -0500, you wrote:
>I thought it was mainly to protect CKOC(?) in Hamilton Ontario (50kw Day
>& Night).
>Although they've since moved from that frequency, haven't they?
I don't know when CKOC arrived and/or departed from 1150, but I think it was
(is) a relative newcomer on the frequency. For sure, CHNS was on 1150 a
long, long time. It did not protect Boston, which means it was there before
the local 1150. Years before CHNS moved to 700, I saw their TX site. There
was what looked like a very old 5/8-wave guyed tower and a newer shorter
tower to the south of it. The old night pattern was a very loose inverted
figure 8, with no real nulls. There was a minor lobe--probably equivalent to
1 kW ND--over roughly 180 degrees to the south (over water mostly) and a
stronger lobe to the north. I believe that, at the time (1977), CHNS was 10
kW-D/5 kW-N DA-N.

The other station that the Boston 1150 was built to protect is in Wilmington
DE. Calls were--and maybe still are--WDEL.

Over time, the Canadians made very thorough use of 1150. There was an 1150
in Ottawa and another in Gaspe PQ. I believe the Gaspe station is still
there. Most likely, despite the fact that most of the Canadian AMs either
have moved to FM or will do so, the Canadians are hanging onto those AM
assignments. Even though the assignments have been unused for years and have
little hope of ever being used again, US stations must protect them as if
the channels were still in use.

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