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Re: Sinatra tributes

At 02:34 AM 5/19/98 -0400, you wrote:
>I disagree with one of the posts here which suggested WXKS-AM didn't pay
>any tribute  to the "Old Blue Eyes". I am pretty sure WXKS-AM's OM/PD Hank
>Morse who happens to be a huge Sinatra fan(he hosts a Saturday afternoon
>Sinatra show 2-4pm) broke away from "AM ONly" feed and started playing
>Sinatra's music for the rest of the day. 
OTOH, why didn't AM Only do something for all of the stations that take the
feed? Marty Waters suggests that they did, but the few times I tuned in to
WXKS, I heard nothing out of the oridinary. Is this part of "we know our
listeners are all dying, so we don't remind anyone of their mortality--least
of all the advertisers who might be listening?" If so, I say shame on
Westwood I.

But on the third hand, I think WQEW has overdone it. WQEW was still running
100% Sinatra last night (Monday). By my reckoning, they had by then been
running 100% Sinatra for over 100 hours--more than enough time to play all
1307 Sinatra recordings more than once. I've begun to think WQEW's Sinatra
tribute is in the same genre as the Seinfeld finale. Make people so sick of
it (it being the Seinfeld show or Sinatra's music), that they become glad
it's finally over. You know, there will be Seinfeld reruns, and Sinatra CD's
are still available (or they will be, once the record stores get a fresh stock).

I'm a big fan of Jonathan Schwartz, and have been since his ill-fated WNAC
nighttime show in the early '60s, but his pompous analyses of Sinatra are a
bit much. (Friday night, I saw a rerun of a PBS panel show on Sinatra on
which Jonathan appeared. The show originally aired in February. Yech.) Yeah,
yeah--Sinatra was the 20th century's most influential singer. But we're not
talking about Ludwig Van Beethoven, you know.

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