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Re: Frank Sinatra dead at 82

<<On Tue, 19 May 1998 00:39:00 -0400, "Terrence M. Wood" <TERRY_WOOD@prodigy.net> said:

> I have over the years listened to great songwriters try to sing....Over all
> it has been a disaster.  Most singers do not write, score, and produce their
> own music...they sing other peoples words and music.

Perhaps that was true in the dark ages.  If I look at the CDs I've
purchased most recently, it's clear that almost all of the tracks were
written by at least one of the musicians involved, usually the
vocalist.  (Indeed, in the case of Patty Griffin, but for two tracks
she's the only artist involved at all on her record.)  Of course,
judging by your past statements you would likely deny that any
singer-songwriters I like are ``great'', but that's just your opinion.

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