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Re: Media overkill...

<< Mike wrote-- There is a lot of news happening all around the globe every
single day, but unless it involves us, we simply don't care.  >>

It depends on the newscast though. Some international news segments do address
issues of international concern. CNN has a daily "World Report." There is a
station on Boston cable that does Asian and Arabic, in English, as well as
other language news. The three Spanish stations also do international news at
6pm although in Spanish. I think that it depends on what the story too, as to
whether they get fully played out on American television. Watching the
students rioting in Indonesia for basic human rights and needs is really
impressive especially since we taxpayers are expected to bail out their
speculators to the tune of $18 billion. Now, compare that with the students
rioting in Ohio over beer... 

It really does give you a picture of things. Other international issues going
on American news lately that just come to mind right at this moment is the
bizarre fires in Latin America which not only effect them but us (some classic
pianist almost died of breathing problems associated with the haze from the
fire in Texas the other day), the dealings with the nuclear weapons tests in
India and the effect on their relationships with Pakistan, the ever endless
Middle East "peace" talks that go on and on and the whole Chinese missile for
Clinton campaign cash story that is being played out. 

While it is true that some of those stories effect Americans, others do not.
What about the Japanese earthquake or the Bangladesh flood or the Thai typhoon
or the Chinese human rights dissident or the Japanese financial crisis or the
African famine, Sudanese slave trade, murders in Niger or rioting in South
Africa, need we go on? All this stuff is covered on the news.