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Sinatra tributes

I disagree with one of the posts here which suggested WXKS-AM didn't pay
any tribute  to the "Old Blue Eyes". I am pretty sure WXKS-AM's OM/PD Hank
Morse who happens to be a huge Sinatra fan(he hosts a Saturday afternoon
Sinatra show 2-4pm) broke away from "AM ONly" feed and started playing
Sinatra's music for the rest of the day. 

Also, there was a realy good tribute on Muisc America which is hosted
by Ron Della Chiesa and heard on WPLM 99.1 and WBOQ 104.9FM on
Saturday evenings. Della Chiesa played most of the interview with Mort
Sohl which dealt with the life and music of Frank Sinatra. The interview
was recorded at a Beverly Hill restaurant around December '97.

- -M