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Re: More Media overkill - so what?

In a message dated 98-05-17 09:39:11 EDT, you write:

<< They do stories on what the idiot population wants. Unforunately, that is
where the majority have their heads these days. MSNBC's highest ever rated
program?? Sonny Bono's Funeral.  >>

No one has mentioned you-know-who's untimely and tragic death and the
overwhelming attention paid by the media last year.  Was that OK because it
involved another country's royal family or just because she was one of the
most popular people on the face of the earth?  Oops, I gave it away. 

 There are always going to be people who change the channel because they
aren't interested, but I think you're right - the majority of people want this
stuff and that's not going to change.  I work with people who eat this stuff
up.  OJ?  Couldn't get enough - I hardly watched any of it, and my cable
company gave us Court TV the day his trial started.  But I digress.