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Re: More Media overkill - so what?

> There are always going to be people who change the channel because they
>aren't interested, but I think you're right - the majority of people want
>stuff and that's not going to change. >

Not to upset some of my friends who work at radio and TV, how about this
notion:  You THINK that's what people want, because that's what you throw at
them!  I hate certain foods, but when I'm starving, I'll eat most anything
('cept for tripe).  A person is the desert won't turn down even the
most-sugary flavor of Kool-Aid, either. And as for us, garbage in...garbage
out.  Our actions are often a result of what we are fed, or influenced by.

But I believe everone enjoys a little gossip....the expunging of someone's
closet, and the like.  That's what today's news is all about. :) shel