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Sinatra Sightings

Well, with all the mass hysteria aboutthe death of Frank, watch for Sinatra
"sightings" in the future.  Just like Elvis, and maybe even Princess Di.

All these rich and powerful people could take nothing with them...proving
that, just like you and I, we're not gods, but plain ol' people.  And in my
case, maybe "ol'er" than most.

They're dead.  It's too bad, but that's life.  They'll be missed for some

Recently, a good friend of mine, a former talk show host (before that, Top
40) for decades, died.  He was a local celebrity until he became ill.  Once
he was tucked into a hospital, he was forgotten real quickly.  No, there
will be no Lee Fowler sightings.  R&R gave him a lowly, 3-line, general
obit.... placed (almost hidden) at the bottom-right of a page.