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Re: Sinatra the singer

On Sat, 16 May 1998, Peter Ferrand wrote:

> Dunno who Jerry Lester is or was, but I recall her being a regular on
> Jack Parr's program.

Jerry Lester and Morey Amsterdam hosted the pioneering late night TV
show Broadway Open House in 1950-51; Dagmar was a regular cast member.
It was produced by Pat Weaver, who subsequently created the Tonight
Show and the Today Show, to name but two other network TV innovations.
(Naturally, Weaver was eventually cast aside by NBC when it became
convenient to do so.)  He was also the co-creator of famous actress
Sigourney Weaver, accomplishment enough for any man.  He is docked
a star for all eternity, however, for J. Fred Muggs. :)

> As to the song, yes it was silly and pointless, proving if you're
> Sinatra they'll buy anything. Actually many artists would do quickie
> novelty sides like that, which were equally quickly forgotten by the
> masses.

The song was foisted on Sinatra by Columbia head Mitch Miller, who had
a penchant for quick buck novelty singles.  By all accounts Sinatra
detested recording those titles.  Rosemary Clooney had similar
problems with the label.

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