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Re: re: WBZ drops sports on weekends

> Let's the facts talk : WBZ's  weekend ratings havent been
> exactly spectacular - WBZ is No. 1 or 2 doing all-news weekdays but
> 10th or 11th with sports. 

Usually News & Talk formats do pretty awful on weekend afternoons.....
especially around late afternoons..

I think BZ's plan was to make sure they didn't roll over and die on
weekends and let WEEI ring their cash register all weekend long
unchallenged.  At least they couild get SOME of that sports revenue into
their coffers...instead of letting WEEI clean up.  
(I don't know that there is much demand for ads on news/talk stations
weekend afternoons normally...)

> Although they did try hard to promote themselves
> through on-air, print, billboards etc. for the past two years, they
> fell short of making any kind of impact with their weekend target
group --
> males 25-54. Every book had 'EEI over 'BZ in that target demo. 

The last "hour by hour" numbers on the weekends showed WBZ beating WEEI
most of those weekend hours....
(At least the last one I looked at...)

> Why would
> an 'EEI listener turn to WBZ on weekends for anything more than a news
> update? Probably even Ed Goldman couldnt explain that one.

Well lets see....awhile back when I tuned into WEEI *after* a Bruins
game for some post-game stuff....I got Eddie Andelem's SON...doing an
AWFUL job begging for calls.  WBZ had a more interesting give and take
interview format.