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Re: WBZ drops sports on weekends

And with all due respect Shel, this is a very relevant thread considering the
current Boston radio climate. And since this bbs also serves as a news outlet,
I would ask you to respect our need to discuss it. If you don't want to read
any of the comments, I would suggest deleting them. Lord knows, I have a hell
of a lot more knowledge than I need to have about obscure radio stories from
the old days...


In a message dated 98-03-23 15:52:06 EST, billo@erols.com writes:

<< From: Shel Swartz <shel@lotsofun.com>
 >Can we possibly drop this THREAD by this weekend?  Geesh!
 >>How much more can be said on this??
 >>(LOL) :) shel
 Considering that there are probably more people reading this thread than
 diary families logging BZ on weekends....
 Bill O'Neill >>