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For Kids Only/Woo-Woo

Donna mentions two items that I am familiar with, and here is more.

Arnie was here doing an oldies thing circa 1970.  I also remember a reunion 
week of Top 40 jocks from around the country back in the early 70's, perhaps 
in conjunction with that.   Recall meeting one of my guys, Nick or Dick 
Bionte (sp?) from WLS in Chicago who had read a note from me (on air) in the 
mid 1960's.  I was living in Alaska and DXing for hometown stations and 
dropped him a reception report (WLS boomed in at night).   Bunch of my 
friends at U. of Wisconsin in Madison told me they had heard him mention my 
name.   Seem to remember Wolfman Jack, Bruce Bradley, Ron............(later 
did a national comedy duo), Dick Summer, Cousin Brucie and a few more who 
came to WBZ to do shows during the weeklong event.

My first broadcasting job was with WBZ TV, weekend weather in 1968.  Kicked 
a few doors and got another slot, host/assistant producer of FOR KIDS ONLY, 
half hour Meet the Press style show for middle school students circa 1970. 
 Did it for few years, but then got full time gig, so had to drop it. 
 Another host continued for another year or two before show's run ended. 
  We got MANY great guests from all around country (no fear of our panel 
intimidating them?).  Got a full national spread in TV Guide.   Called us 
one of better kid tv programs in country.   My main producer was Wendall 
Davis who recently passed away.   He eventually was replaced by a youngster, 
Natalie Jacobson.   We worked well together, but she wanted more....to be 
"on air".
WBZ would not hear of her desire to be an anchor/reporter, and I suggested 
she contact some of people I knew at channel 5.   She did.  Rest is history. 
  So is this.

Bruce Schwoegler