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Re: For Kids Only/Woo-Woo

At 09:57 PM 3/23/98 -0500, you wrote:

>Recall meeting one of my guys, Nick or Dick 
>Bionte (sp?)

The legendary Dick Bionde--Well, if you can't be sure of his name a mere
30-odd years later, maybe not so legendary.

>from WLS in Chicago who had read a note from me (on air) in the 
>mid 1960's.  I was living in Alaska and DXing for hometown stations and 
>dropped him a reception report (WLS boomed in at night).   Bunch of my 
>friends at U. of Wisconsin in Madison told me they had heard him mention my 
>name.   Seem to remember Wolfman Jack, Bruce Bradley, Ron............(later 
>did a national comedy duo),

Ron Landry, later of Hudson and Landry. Hadn't Landry been on WBZ during its
days as a rocker? His partner in the comedy duo was the late "Emperor"
Hudson. I think their program ran on KTNQ in LA before the station was sold
to Tichenor and went Espanol. And of course, H&L made records, mostly of
comedy bits from the program. The most famous cut is called "Ajax Liquor
Store." Those cuts are what H&L are best known for.

Hudson was on 1510 in Boston in its WITS days around 1980. I recall driving
to work listening to the Emperor as WITS tested the Waverley Oaks TX and cut
back and forth to the old TX in Squantum. The Waltham TX went on the air
full time in 1981--March, I believe. But that's a subject for another
thread--one that has run here _at least_ two or three times :-)

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