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>Wnoder if it has anything to do with the horrible reception I have had of
>WCRB for the past three months. I find this unusual. I called WCRB, and the
>engineer answering (I was unsure of who it was) told me it was likely
>overload from the Prudential Center. They never explained why this was a
>relatively new problem. (There have been times I have failed to pick up
>WCRB at my house early in the morning; hash from Howard Stern has killed

Highly doubtful that this would have anything to do with one getting "fired",
unless it were a widespread problem caused solely by engineering incompetance
(as opposed to random equipment failure).  And that, in turn, is unlikely to
be the cause of this particular problem.  Hash from the Pru is a well-known
problem in its vicinity.  It's something that could have been caused by a
new signal moving to the Pru (not necessarily an FM broadcast signal even),
or potentially even by a signal moving off the Pru.  (Didn't one of the FMs
in town move recently?)  Or, perhaps, by a signal moving on or off the
Westinghouse tower where WCRB's transmitter and antenna are located.

- -Shawn Mamros
E-mail to: mamros@mit.edu