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I've noticed up here that WCRB has been coming in unusually _well_ recently.
Usually the signal is just OK, but lately it's been close to excellent.  If only I
had a taste for classical music...

Doug Bassett
West Brattleboro, Vt.

Sean P. Smyth wrote:

> Wonder if it has anything to do with the horrible reception I have had of
> WCRB for the past three months. I find this unusual. I called WCRB, and the
> engineer answering (I was unsure of who it was) told me it was likely
> overload from the Prudential Center. They never explained why this was a
> relatively new problem. (There have been times I have failed to pick up
> WCRB at my house early in the morning; hash from Howard Stern has killed
> it.)