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Re: Red Sox on WHCT

> At 10:26 PM 3/19/98 -0500, Mark wrote:
> >
> >When I was working at WHAV Haverhill from 1984-87,the station did not
> >to spring the bucks for a 15 K line or a satellite dish(if Campbell
> >Network was feeding to the bird then)so we received Sox and Bruins
> >from a boombox tuned to 99.1 that was placed on top of the equipment

Steve Ordinetz said...

> Believe me, the satellite feed wasn't much better. We carried the
> when I worked at WKBR in '88/'89, and I was almost ashamed to air the
> games...there was so much static and noise as to make the feeds almost
> unlistenable.  I usually ended up using Plan B too.

I think Campbell was paying dough for the sattelite time...and the money
had to come from somewhere.  (I wonder where the 'weak-link' was in the

Too bad someone pays dough to get a feed to/fro the sattelite...but
skimps on the quality at the begining of the feed!