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WRKO...The Untold Story...

> Bump had asked--
> >> Donna, speaking of jobs coming and going....  I'm sure most of us
> >> *love* to hear you share about your experience at WRKO.  You
started as
> >> a "hitline operator" you said?  
> And Joe asked--
> >
> >Donna was the PD? 
> >
> Yup, both are true.  Actually, I was the consultant to WRKO for a
while in
> 1980 and they named me the acting PD for one book.  
> I have many recollections about both periods of time-- being a hitline
> operator and one day 11 years later coming back as consultant and
acting PD.

Please bore us!  

What kind of shape was the station in when you took over as 'acting' PD?

What was needed at the station at the time?

In hindsight, would you have done things differently?

What was it like working for mammouth RKO General?

In hindsight, what was *one* thing that the station needed most that NO
ONE could see at the time?

Could WRKO have survived as long as, say, KFRC did playing music on AM?

Where the jocks the egomaniacs that everyone thought them to be?

Where the upper-echelon's of RKO managementa bunch of "stiffs" like
everyone thought?

Where did they lose their way?

Could any PD have saved them?

What state was WMEX in then?  Was this when WHDH was doing well as an AC

Should they have gotten rid of Dale?

Who's responsible for Charlie & Harrigan working only 10 days? <g> 
Who's responsible for "Ron Jordan, the Boston UN-common"?  Any stories
with either of these guys?

(These are questions I've wanted to ask people for the longest time! 
But it appears that everyone who worked at WRKO in the late 70's shy
away from!)

<You may answer at your leisure....>