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Re: Red Sox on WHCT

Bill O'Neill wrote:
> At that point in time, WCAP did the same thing to get the Sox feed.  If
> memory serves, the audio was not all that bad - better than a 5K out of
> Switch 56!  (Which usually was at par with a dialup...)  Downside was
> of the benefit of the raw network aux feed - ops had to actually be at
> pot to take out 'PLM' and always a 5K fun run from the 'comfort station'
> around IDs and those wonderful pitching changes.  (Just had a memory
> when I would hope for a rain delay when Ken Coleman and John Miller were
> team.)  
I know that a few times,at the end of a between innings spot cluster,they
would toss in a hokey WPLM jingle before going back to Fenway(or whatever
stadium the Sox were playing).So yes,you had to carefully plan your comfort
station or Pepsi/Coke/Polar machine breaks carefully.Also the first summer
I was at WHAV(1984)the jocks/board ops were responsible for changing the
music tapes on WLYT's automation system,as there was no FM jock after 7PM
weeknights,so you would have to hope a tape wouldn't run out and need
changing during a stopset or get caught in a quick 1-2 -3 inning.Or worse,a
rain delay where Ken Coleman could get going on old baseball stories for
what seemed like days while waiting for a stopset!      Mark Watson