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Re: Red Sox on WHCT

>>When I was working at WHAV Haverhill from 1984-87,the station did not want
>>to spring the bucks for a 15 K line or a satellite dish(if Campbell Sports
>>Network was feeding to the bird then)so we received Sox and Bruins games
>>from a boombox tuned to 99.1 that was placed on top of the equipment rack

At that point in time, WCAP did the same thing to get the Sox feed.  If my
memory serves, the audio was not all that bad - better than a 5K out of
Switch 56!  (Which usually was at par with a dialup...)  Downside was lack
of the benefit of the raw network aux feed - ops had to actually be at the
pot to take out 'PLM' and always a 5K fun run from the 'comfort station'
around IDs and those wonderful pitching changes.  (Just had a memory moment
when I would hope for a rain delay when Ken Coleman and John Miller were the
team.)  Bill O'Neill