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On Fri, 20 Mar 1998, PWerlin wrote:

> I definitely remember the name Rick Starr 

Me too.  In the early 60s, he was a character in DC Comics.  His secret
identity was "Space Ranger."  As I recall, Rick Starr's secretary, Myra,
always tagged along on his adventures, without changing into any secret
identity (and wearing high-healed shoes, too -- which stayed on remarkably
well!).  I don't recall that anyone ever wondered why Rick Starr's
secretary was always hanging around with Space Ranger.  From the way they
depicted it in the comics, I used to wonder whether she was with him when
he changed clothes.  At the time, this seemed quite naughty.

I also used to wonder who answered Rick Starr's phone while they were both
away from the office.  But now it's obvious.  He had voice mail.

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