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Rick Star was in Nashville.  Dave Martin in Minneapolia at least up to a few
months ago.  Dave has a consulting firm.  Rick as you may know went to
Chicago, then to Pittsburgh where he became was General Manager of KDKA.

Ira Apple


> > Phyllis wrote--
> >
> > >I was a big WCAS fan in the early 70's.
> >Donna retorted...
> >
> > I wonder if she heard me on the air there-- I believe I was their
> first
> > woman d.j., back in 1973...  Rick Starr was PD, Paul Merschdorf was GM
> ,
> > Neila Smith worked there too...
> And where IS Rick Starr (onetime PD of 'BZ) today?  Anyone know?
> How about Dave Martin? (another onetime PD of BZ.)
> Does anyone remember the BZ campaign that featured billboards and taxi-
> tops that said:
>                 WBZ Radio XXXX
> This was when they were transitioning from Radio 1-0-3 to 10-30.  (I
> think at one point, the XXXX's on the billboards were supposed to change
> to the numbers 1-0-3-0.  However, I never saw the numbers...Just the
> XX's...Made very little sense to me then...and less now!)