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WTIC Radio Archive

Recently, someone inquired about the looseleaf binder of historic
information on WTIC/1080.  That individual mentioned Perry Ury, former GM of
the station.  Since Perry is a friend of mine, I asked him for response on
that, and here it is:

"I remember the archive ---- might try Roger Allan --- or Harvey
Mednick --- when I left the station to take over the Eastern Division
it was still there ---- Also if you can locate Jack Hobbs -- he might
know.... It could be in private hands -----Best to you."

I hope this helps the enquiring party.  Roger Allan does not have an e-mail
address. I haven't needed to find Harvey or Jack, so I can't help you there.

If you believe I can help you further, please call me on the phone, or
e-mail me.


Shel Swartz

WRKO/The Big 68 Remembered!
508 Glenwood Drive
W. Palm Beach FL 33415-2866
Phone (561) 686-2133