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Re: WNHT Channel 21 News Team

John Bolduc wrote:
> Bonus Question
> Who was the anchor at Ch 50 WNDS when they did a full newcast
> Doug Brown did the Sports.
> Al Kaprilean (sp) did the weather.
 If I recall,it was Larry Sporano(sp).It was a decent news
effort,unfortunetly it didn't last too long.I don't know if was $$ or
ratings that sunk it,I'll go with the $$.BTW,Doug Brown appears to be in
the running to be Sean McDonough's backup for Red Sox play by play on WABU
Ch.68 when Sean has CBS Sports conflicts.Apparently Steve Zubriske(sp) who
was Sean's backup the last 2 seasons is not returning to that spot.I read
this in the Boston Herald a couple of weeks back,in Jim Baker's column if I
recall.                              Mark Watson