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Kiss & Jammin/ARS-CBS Leftovers

In a message dated 98-03-23 12:15:41 EST, mshbc@bu.edu writes:

<< I think if you're Karmazin, retaining WBMX-FM is much more valuable in the
 long run considering that your arch enemy, Chancellor, is an easy target
 with just 2 FM's here, both of which beating up on one another because
 they share much of the same button-punching audience. You can do a lot
 with 98.5FM to cut into Chancellor's pockets -- introduce a true Top40
 format which combines badly splintered/fragmented stuff you hear on
 Kiss108 and Jamn94-5. >>

I agree that CBS should try to keep WBMX to stay competitive, but I don't
believe that Kiss and Jamn' are beating up eachother.  The stations differ
musically, and that's precisely by design.  Both stations have thrived under
this setup.  Jammin is the number one rated music station in town (12+) and
Kiss is the number five biller in the market.  You cannot ask for much better
performance out of two CHR's.

There is a hole in the market though, for a mainstream CHR.  If Jacor comes
into Boston and buys up the "leftover" ARS/CBS properties, look for one of the
FM's to go Mainstream CHR.  Jacor does the format well in many of their
current markets.  I'm sure Randy Michaels would love to get his hands on WAAF
as well.  Active rock is another one of their specialties. As far as CBS goes,
most of their stations, outside of modern rockers, are 25 to 54 oriented with
a lot of Classic rock, Oldies, AC, and AM news/sports formats.  If they keep
BMX, my guess is that the format will stay the same.

Mike Thomas, WERZ & Premiere Radio Networks