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Re: WMUR-TV, Channel 9

Dispite the lack of resources and technology, I always thought that Jim
Bartlett did a respectable job with the news. I don't recall when Jim left
channel 9, I think it was around 1980. I believe for a while one of his
successors was a young lady by the
name of Bambi Salzburg.  In spite of a courageous effort, Bambi was
obviously not cut out to do TV news. I believe she went
into real estate shortly after her short tunure at WMUR. This to me was the
extreme lowest point for Ch.9 news coverage.

I belive IMES came in a this point and about a year later rember seeing
Ramey Becker hosting the news for a few years. (Perhaps 1984-1987).

Merrimack Valley NH

03/24/98 05:35 PM