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> Phyllis wrote--
> >I was a big WCAS fan in the early 70's.  

>Donna retorted...
> I wonder if she heard me on the air there-- I believe I was their
> woman d.j., back in 1973...  Rick Starr was PD, Paul Merschdorf was GM
> Neila Smith worked there too...

And where IS Rick Starr (onetime PD of 'BZ) today?  Anyone know?

How about Dave Martin? (another onetime PD of BZ.)

Does anyone remember the BZ campaign that featured billboards and taxi-
tops that said:
		WBZ Radio XXXX

This was when they were transitioning from Radio 1-0-3 to 10-30.  (I
think at one point, the XXXX's on the billboards were supposed to change
to the numbers 1-0-3-0.  However, I never saw the numbers...Just the
XX's...Made very little sense to me then...and less now!)