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Re: Ron Landry (was Re: For Kids Only/Woo-Woo)

Steve wrote--
>Actually, he joined WBZ in March of '66...I have a short aircheck of his
>first couple of breaks.  I'd always figured that Hootenanny got cancelled
>due to the folk scene becoming less hip.  Didn't it evolve into Dick
>Summer's semi-underground show "Subway"?  It was in the same time slot.

True enough on the date-- I shouldn't type this stuff without proofing it
when I type at 1.30 AM-- I was even holding some of the aforementioned ugly
photos which do indeed have a date of 1966 on the back of them... but I
digress.  Yes, the folk scene had become somewhat less hip, but it still had
enough of a following to have kept the show around had somebody really
wanted to do it-- it was always identified with Jefferson, however; and he
loved folk music so much that when he went to WKBW, he also did a VOLUNTEER
gig at the local college station, WBFO with a folk show called "New Folks in
Town"-- it was basically "Hootenanny Meets Buffalo" and it didn't last for
very long... I may have an old tape of it... (he and I met at Northeastern,
where he did a couple of remotes on campus while I was a student... we
stayed in touch for a while off and on...)

Yes, I do recall that eventually, WBZ went through a brief
pseudo-psychedelic phase and Dick Summer did "Subway" in the old Hootenanny
time slot... I can look up the exact dates, if anyone is dying to know, but
I'm sure somebody like Dan S. or Joe would have them...