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Re: Ron Landry (was Re: For Kids Only/Woo-Woo)

At 01:41 PM 3/24/98 -0500, you wrote:
> Also, Ron joined WBZ in mid
>1965.  It was right after Jefferson Kaye (pick one) quit/ was fired.  I have
>some truly ugly promotional photos the WBZ photographer did of Ron in
>various locations in Boston as he got to know his new city... (Jefferson of
>course ended up at WKBW in Buffalo.)  Landry tried to do Jefferson's Sunday
>night Hootenanny show for a short while, but my recollection is he just
>wasn't into it, and the show was finally cancelled.  I believe he then did
>some other specialty show on Sundays, but I can't recall it just now...

Actually, he joined WBZ in March of '66...I have a short aircheck of his
first couple of breaks.  I'd always figured that Hootenanny got cancelled
due to the folk scene becoming less hip.  Didn't it evolve into Dick
Summer's semi-underground show "Subway"?  It was in the same time slot.