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Re: Ron Landry (was Re: For Kids Only/Woo-Woo)

Dan wrote--
>Yes, Ron did work at WBZ in their Top 40 days, not sure when he left.  I
>have a H&L album from the early-ish 70s, apparently he'd gone to the west
>coast by then.  I always thought H&L were on KFI in LA, I remember reading
>something in Billboard that they got into some sort of an on-air
>disagreement, and one or the other walked out. [snip]

The resident expert on who is where in LA radio is Don Barrett, who recently
wrote a book about LA announcers from 1957 to the present.  I'll ask him
about where Landry is-- he would probably know.  Also, Ron joined WBZ in mid
1965.  It was right after Jefferson Kaye (pick one) quit/ was fired.  I have
some truly ugly promotional photos the WBZ photographer did of Ron in
various locations in Boston as he got to know his new city... (Jefferson of
course ended up at WKBW in Buffalo.)  Landry tried to do Jefferson's Sunday
night Hootenanny show for a short while, but my recollection is he just
wasn't into it, and the show was finally cancelled.  I believe he then did
some other specialty show on Sundays, but I can't recall it just now...