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Ron Landry (was Re: For Kids Only/Woo-Woo)

At 12:23 PM 3/24/98 +0000, Dan Strassberg wrote:

>Ron Landry, later of Hudson and Landry. Hadn't Landry been on WBZ during its
>days as a rocker? His partner in the comedy duo was the late "Emperor"
>Hudson. I think their program ran on KTNQ in LA before the station was sold
>to Tichenor and went Espanol.

Yes, Ron did work at WBZ in their Top 40 days, not sure when he left.  I
have a H&L album from the early-ish 70s, apparently he'd gone to the west
coast by then.  I always thought H&L were on KFI in LA, I remember reading
something in Billboard that they got into some sort of an on-air
disagreement, and one or the other walked out.  Their partnership was
dissolved shortly after that.  Early 80s maybe?  Have no clue where he is