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Re: re: WBZ drops sports on weekends

On Wed, 25 Mar 1998, BUMP MARTIN wrote:

> The last "hour by hour" numbers on the weekends showed WBZ beating WEEI
> most of those weekend hours....
> (At least the last one I looked at...)

I dont yet have the latest hour by hour from the FAll but the
summer book showed WEEI dominating WBZ, especially in the
mid-day...WBZ improved as the day went on but WEEI still had the lead.
Same story on both weekend days. 
Among 25-54 females, WBZ beat WEEI for every afternoon hour.

In the 12+, they were virtually tied, with WBZ taking a slight lead.
But condidering everything it was still a huge drop off for WBZ --- going
from a 10 or 11 share on Saturday mornings(news) to about 3 in the
afternoons and then going back up in the evenings....

> Well lets see....awhile back when I tuned into WEEI *after* a Bruins
> game for some post-game stuff...

Wait...you were looking for hockey talk on WEEI?! :)

>I got Eddie Andelem's SON...doing an
> AWFUL job begging for calls.  WBZ had a more interesting
> give and take interview format.  

I actually like his dining around town segments on WBZ's midday news.

- -M