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On Thu, 19 Mar 1998, Sean P. Smyth wrote:

> There was a Central Square Mall? As far as Belmont, it is ironic that it
> was not mentioned in the calls... it is closer to 740's transmitter than
> Arlington, Somerville, or Watertown.

  I think Donna can back me up on this. The "Central Square Mall" was
nothing more than a walkway from Mass Av to Green St. It consisted of a
Dunkin Donuts, Cleveland Circle Auto School, the WCAS studios, and an
entry way to the Purity Supreme.

The sign outside was there for years WCAS 740 Kaiser/Globe broadcasting.

The way I understand how the deal came down, the FCC back then wanted at
least some token given to the Cambridge license location of the AM and TV.
So instead of WCAS sharing space with the new WJIB on the waterfront, or
WKBG in Allston, they set up a fairly expensive studio with all new RCA
equipment for the AM in Cambridge.