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Re: Black Tuesday at WSMN

Since they dumped the country music format, I have been listening more and
more to WSMN. Having lived in Nashua for 30 years I like to keep up on
local happenings. Their single wide north-east lobe does very well in
Londonderry day and night. The "Bargain Box" program still makes me cringe
After local news the music selecting is usually of a mix of adult
contempory and soft rock that keeps my interest considerably  longer than
those country hits from the 50's and 60's.

Speaking of DX, when I was up on Cape Breton in Nova Scotia in the early
70's I sent them a very detailed reception report, but as often is the
case, did not get a response. My follow-up disclosed that they didn't
believe that the signal could travel that far.


03/19/98 08:13 PM