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Re: Black Tuesday at WSMN

In a message dated 98-03-20 01:10:43 EST, steveord@xtdl.com writes:

<< Yeah, I think they're directional east.  I'm in Goffstown, and their signal
 sucks here...really only listenable in mid-days, non-existent at night and
 lots of fading mornings and afternoons.  Signal drops off real fast heading
 west..it's gone by the time you get to Milford.
Yes,  WSMN is directional east with a slight tilt to the northeast.  Their
signal now is a lot better than in previous years.  They had an old clunker
transmitter, and I hear that the FCC told them to get a new one, or at least
one that met specs.  They then ordered a Nautel, and signal has been great
ever since.   Is it true that their STL frequency is being used from the back
of their building to the 3 towers only 300 feet from the building? ---because
they didn't want to lay 300' of cable?
Also, WSMN could likely get an upgrade with the demise of 1590 in Gorham ME
(or shall I say, it's change to 870).
- ---jibguy