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re : BZ drops sports on weekends

>From: Abyss5X5 <Abyss5X5@aol.com>

<< My best guess is, the WBZ shows will wind up on WEEI once the merger is

>Not likely.  Look for nothing but competition between WBZ and the ARS
>left overs (WRKO,WEEI).     WBZ will never have any influence on EEI.
>From talking to people close to the scene, it iooks like CBS should be
able to add 1 FM and 1 AM in Boston when this transaction is all
completed. Right now it's almost certain they'll keep WBMX 98.5FM. It's
not expected they'll be able to retain WEEI, the top biller in the
100-station ARS group but WRKO-AM is a good bet to have an Eye
logo on its stationary later this year. 

- -M