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Re: WNHT's fatal error

Chris wrote:
>>Wasn't the Boston Phoenix owner #4, or was that just a plan that never
>>came to fruition?

Good memory!  About a year after WNHT went dark, papers were filed with
the FCC.  Phoenix publisher Stephen Mindich & Michael C. Mooney (with an
interest in WHRC TV Norwell, MA) formed Rogue Television Corp. and
offered Flatley $1.5 million.  The Commission approved it in late June
It was reported that Mindich had 60 days to complete the transaction,
then another 90 to get the station back on the air or lose the license.

The next reference I have to Ch. 21 is November '91 when Flatley filed
his intention to sell to Wilson Hickham whose New England Television
owned Ch. 35 in Lewiston.  Hickham sold it to BU in late '93 (though
Flatley still owned the tower site and, I think, still does).

Technically speaking, The Phoenix never owned Ch. 21.

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