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At 09:41 AM 3/20/98 -0500, Kevin Vahey wrote:

>The sign outside was there for years WCAS 740 Kaiser/Globe broadcasting.
>The way I understand how the deal came down, the FCC back then wanted at
>least some token given to the Cambridge license location of the AM and TV.
>So instead of WCAS sharing space with the new WJIB on the waterfront, or
>WKBG in Allston, they set up a fairly expensive studio with all new RCA
>equipment for the AM in Cambridge.

Didn't they have a fire that completely gutted the studios in the early
70s? I somehow remember a friend and I driving down Mass. Ave in Cambridge
and gawking a couple days afterward.  I think they appealed to their
listeners to help rebuild their library.  Then, as now, I lived in N.H. and
never heard them.