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In a message dated 98-03-19 23:57:22 EST, you write:

<<  wonder if she heard me on the air there-- I believe I was their first
 woman d.j., back in 1973...  Rick Starr was PD, Paul Merschdorf was GM,
 Neila Smith worked there too. >>

I definitely remember the name Rick Starr - but otherwise, I find that my
memory's not so good when it comes to this stuff, until someone says something
and then I say "oh, yeah, I remember now..."  I listened to a lot of radio
back then compared to now.. For me, that was a great time for radio compared
to today, as far as I'm concerned - although  I missed the 50's-60's when top
40 AM radio was king.  Plus my listening was limited to certain times, except
in summer, since I was in school during the day and watching dopey sitcoms at
night  : )
I hate remembering the good old days - that means I'm old...