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At 04:17 PM 7/23/97 +0000, you wrote:
>They could also promote in Bedford.  I also passed through part of
>Lexington and found the signal strong there, but it may be that the signal
>doesn't cover all of Lexington well.  In fact, they probably have to have
>a pattern that doesn't cover Lexington well in order to avoid interfering
>with WNFT. 
There is no null toward WNFT. On the contrary, the main lobe of the
asymmetical figure-8 daytime pattern is aimed at Waltham, just a little
south of the WNFT TX. I believe that there is no overlap of 25 mV/m contours
because WNFT's daytime pattern is nulled to the northwest (the night pattern
is similar, but the nulls are deeper). Although WADN's TX is almost due west
of the WNFT TX, the null in WNFT's pattern is deep enough that WADN does not
have an overlap problem with WNFT. Now, before WNFT installed NRSC sideband
filters, the splatter used to decimate WADN in most of Lexington and
Arlington, and Belmont, and Watertown, and parts of Newton. (And I've
probably left out some towns.) WADN still has a similar problem with WILD in
East Arlington, Somerville, parts of Cambridge, Medford, Malden, Everett and
others. And as you proceed "north" (actually east) along 128 through Woburn,
WNNW starts to eat WADN alive. Same thing happens on Middlesex Turnpike in
Bedford, once you drive a mile or so north of Route 62.

Not too many weeks ago, I attended a trade show at the Boston World Trade
Center on Atlantic Ave. I tried tuning in 1120 as I drove across Fort Point
Channel. WADN absolutely does not exist there on my car radio (this is the
car without the ignition-noise problem). What does exist on 1120 (and pretty
much every channel between 1060 and 1120) is WILD. I don't believe that WILD
couldn't sound just as loud and just as good to 99.99% of listeners if it
installed filters that kept if from splattering that way.

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