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Dan Strassberg mentions the now much-reduced splatter of WNFT vs WADN, and 

>I tried tuning in 1120 as I drove across Fort Point
>Channel. WADN absolutely does not exist there on my car radio (this is the
>car without the ignition-noise problem). What does exist on 1120 (and 
>much every channel between 1060 and 1120) is WILD. I don't believe that 
>couldn't sound just as loud and just as good to 99.99% of listeners if it
>installed filters that kept if from splattering that way.

And WXKS, as Dan said in a part of this same message I cut, does splatter 
some as well.  And it's pretty strong in the Wellington neighborhood of 
Medford, which is pretty much the area covered in the triangle between WILD,
 WPZE, and WXKS.  The splatter there from 1090 and 1430 (590's not that bad,
 considering the proximity to the stick) is unreal.  

Does anyone care to tackle why my car AM radio seems to suffer from 'front 
end overload' from WPZE in most of that area, or 1430 or 1090 (depending on 
how close to those antennas I am)?  I know the phenomenon exists in FM 
tuners, but I didn't think it happened on AM.  I can faintly yet clearly 
hear 590 or 1090 under WBZ or any of the other AM stations when I'm within, 
say, a quarter-mile of these. 

This is a Chrysler factory AM/FM cassette, and it's the radio, since it has 
happened in both cars the radio was in.

Is it ground conductivity again?  :-)

Ed Hennessy