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I believe it's your radio in part.  For example, I have a top-of-the-line
Alpine with S meter and all the goodies.  It does not have this problem at
all.  And it is the most sensitive and selective radio I have ever seen.
It is amazing.  On the other hand, I have a Chrysler/Infinity FM/AM-Stereo
that does have a problem at Wellington with WPZE., WXKS, and WILD.

Ammazing the difference from one tuner to the next.

At 07:30 AM 7/28/97 EDT, ehenness@natick-amed02.army.mil wrote:
>Dan Strassberg mentions the now much-reduced splatter of WNFT vs WADN, and 
>>I tried tuning in 1120 as I drove across Fort Point
>>Channel. WADN absolutely does not exist there on my car radio (this is the
>>car without the ignition-noise problem). What does exist on 1120 (and 
>>much every channel between 1060 and 1120) is WILD. I don't believe that 
>>couldn't sound just as loud and just as good to 99.99% of listeners if it
>>installed filters that kept if from splattering that way.
>And WXKS, as Dan said in a part of this same message I cut, does splatter 
>some as well.  And it's pretty strong in the Wellington neighborhood of 
>Medford, which is pretty much the area covered in the triangle between WILD,
> WPZE, and WXKS.  The splatter there from 1090 and 1430 (590's not that bad,
> considering the proximity to the stick) is unreal.  
>Does anyone care to tackle why my car AM radio seems to suffer from 'front 
>end overload' from WPZE in most of that area, or 1430 or 1090 (depending on 
>how close to those antennas I am)?  I know the phenomenon exists in FM 
>tuners, but I didn't think it happened on AM.  I can faintly yet clearly 
>hear 590 or 1090 under WBZ or any of the other AM stations when I'm within, 
>say, a quarter-mile of these. 
>This is a Chrysler factory AM/FM cassette, and it's the radio, since it has 
>happened in both cars the radio was in.
>Is it ground conductivity again?  :-)
>Ed Hennessy