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On Wed, 23 Jul 1997, Dan Strassberg wrote:

> Well, although the management is assiduously promoting the station (on-air
> only, as far as I can tell) as Bloomberg for _Boston_ (perhpas to make
> Bloomberg happy) all of the non-network commercials (such as they are) seem
> to be for businesses in the Concord area. From that, I infer that Crecelius
> et al are not _totally_ detached from reality. That's a start anyhow. I
> suppose they could mount a sales effort in Waltham, which is the most
> populous community in the area in which WADN has a somewhat competitive
> signal. I've never noticed any commercials for Waltham businesses except on
> "Easy Ed" Shannon's weekend-morning adult-standards shows. And Ed only has
> one Waltham sponsor, Wal-Lex Hardware. Ed sells the time on his shows
> himself (although it's not a brokered-time arrangement), but as far as I
> know, he does not sell other time on the the station.

They could also promote in Bedford.  I also passed through part of
Lexington and found the signal strong there, but it may be that the signal
doesn't cover all of Lexington well.  In fact, they probably have to have
a pattern that doesn't cover Lexington well in order to avoid interfering
with WNFT. 

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