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Re: WSME Sanford

At 02:17 PM 7/24/97 +0000, you wrote:
>On 24 July 1997 at 10:13 a.m., you wrote:
>>When they were WJCC about 12 or so years ago, we at TrafficNet in
>>Providence provided their traffic reports.  We couldn't pick them up in the
>>TNet studios no matter what they or we did.  Kind of hard to check up on a
>>client when you can't receive them!
>You cannot even hear them here in Boston. I remember about the same time
>they tried to be a Boston talk station; they even hired a respected local
>Boston newspaper columnist and Curry professor Dick Sinnott to hold down
>the PM drive shift. That seems weird, how the station was trying to be a
>Bostonn station yet it had Providence traffic reports?
WDIS is directionalized away from Cape Cod. It protects the co-channel
station in (I think) Orleans. That station used to have the calls WVLC. I
don't know the current calls. In other words, the station is directionalized
away from Boston and Providence. You can hear it along 128 from Needham
through at least Westwood, and if you proceed south (actually southwest)
along Route 1, it comes in pretty well as you proceed down toward Foxborough.

Before Alexander Langer found a technically acceptable location for a
station on 650 in eastern Mass, one of the proposals he floated for WRPT was
to change the COL to Foxborough and diplex with WDIS. He would have added a
third tower to the WDIS array. The third tower would have been taller than
the other two and would have been used only by WRPT. The pattern would have
sent most signal _toward_ Orleans. So had that proposal worked out, the
combination of 650 and 1170 would have covered the south-of-Boston area
reaonably well. One of the problems was that it covered a portion of WFAN's
service area a little too well. Also, the towers in the three-tower array
were only 45 degrees apart at 650, making for an unstable pattern.

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