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Kirby Perkins, RIP

     Kirby knew that his life expectancy would be shorter than most other
people, with him losing his dad at the very young age of 39 and himself
suffering a mild heart attack some ten years ago.  Heart disease has no
social or economical boundaries.  It strikes without any notice.  Losing
one's life at such a young age (49) is such a shame.  You could not but
feel the pain that Kirby's "NewsCenter 5" colleagues were experiencing
last night during WCVB-TV's 11 o'clock newscast.  Chet's tears streaming
on his face told the story.  Dick Albert was extremely subdued as well,
as were all who contributed to the newscast.  The tribute for their
fallen colleague was so well done.  The one thing that hit me hard was
when they showed Kirby's desk, silent and with a picture him and his
family.  You can't help but feel that we lost one of Boston's finest
reporters in a long time.  He will be missed.  

- -Pete-

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