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On Tue, 22 Jul 1997, BUMP MARTIN wrote:
> And no one knows anything about this new owner?  (Maybe no one cares!)
> BTW...I thought someone on the list listed CBS/Westinghouse/Infinity as
> the suitor for 1260AM.

CBS generally doesnt buy stations without an audience or/and low cashflow. 
Chairman Mel is not into fixer-uppers, Even if they were to pour a fortune
into 1260, what do you with an AM in this town if you're a chain like CBS
which always looks for high returns? A talk station?
There's a good chance Boston will see the first FM talk station [and not
where everyone would look] this fall or at least that's a strong rumor
coming out of one of the major chains in town(not CBS). Sports? Forget
about it. ARS has locked up the rights to 2 of the 4 franchised and will
go strong after the 3rd in the winter. Without a sports franchise you cant
survive as an all-sports signal in a big market. It's been proven here
and elsewhere. Maybe 24-hour children's format(like Radio Disney or AAHS)?
If 1150 doesnt beat them to it...:-)

Sorry, I meant to say that the ad agency will share the same office space
with WEZE in the same building in Marina Bay. I would think WPZE is 
probably going to find a new studio location once the new owners(whoever
they might be) assume control of 1260....

> On another note....Even with the call letter/frequency switch....I
> noticed that one of the stations dropped out of the last ratings.  Only
> WEZE got listed....wether it be at 1260AM or 590AM in the listeners mind
> .  

With Religious being kind of very, personal lifestyle format, I wonder
if people who're filling out diaries would really care to disclose such
personal choices to a ratings service. Besides, advertising is not really
a factor for companies like Salem which make money by bartering air time
to various ministries, churches, parishes, etc....