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> From: Mark Shneyder 

> There's a good chance Boston will see the first FM talk station [and not
> where everyone would look] this fall or at least that's a strong rumor
> coming out of one of the major chains in town(not CBS). 

Taking a guess, I'd say #1-WOAZ or #2WBOS for FM talk right now.

(After all, I don't think ARS would want to compete against itself, and
WEGQ seems to have rebounded with the '80s anyway, and if CBS isn't
interested (IYHO), then the logical choice is Gtr Media, and OAZ and BOS
are the slugs at this time, ratings wise)

Paul Hopfgarten
Derry NH

PS: Are you the WMSX "Mark Synder" (Bos Globe Listing for spelling)?