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>Dan wrote:
>>The posting on this to which I responded most recently suggests that the AM
>>license never went back to the FCC. Instead RKO bought the WLAW TX from
>>Rogers and Diehm bought the lease to the WLAW Boston studios from Rogers and
>>the WNAC TX from RKO. Since we consider WRKO to be the descendent of WNAC,
>>this would make WPZE the descendent of WLAW.
Donna wrote:
>Nobody bought anything from Rogers-- Alexander Rogers was very much deceased
>and now, so was Irving, which is the reason the remaining family decided to
>exit radio; the radio station had been put on the air in 1937 by Alexander,
>and then left to his son Irving.  As for what happened next, isn't there
>somebody on the list with access to FCC microfiche?  The records I have say
>the following:
>Original Owner: Hildreth & Rogers Company (Alexander Rogers-- Lawrence
>3/21/44:Purchased by Irving Rogers, Harold Morrill & Shawmut Bank.
>8/22/44:Control acquired by Irving Rogers.
>6/10/53:Purchased by Vic Diehm Associates, Inc.
>10/23/57:Purchased by Great Trails Broadcasting Corp. (Air Trails)
>7/17/61:Purchased by WEZE, Inc. (J.P. Williams).
>I agree that there is a link between WLAW and WVDA and WEZE/WPZE.  But I am
>not sure the link was a continuation of the license or simply Vic Diehm
>purchasing a frequency that was now vacant.  I assume the FCC microfiche
>could tell us if the license of WLAW was returned to the FCC, couldn't it?

        But what did the owner of WNAC buy? I thought WNAC purchased the
WLAW license--i.,e. the right to operate on 680--in addition to the
physical assets of its transmitter site. In fact, I thought that was the
whole deal--WLAW sells out to WNAC. Or was the deal more complex--WNAC buys
WLAW license and certain assets for cash plus the license for 1260, which
the now former owner of WLAW then resells without ever using?